Image taken by Iron Lace Photography.

Image taken by Iron Lace Photography.


About Alex

Well hi there!

Obviously, as you know, I'm Alex, and an "about me" is probably one of the hardest things a person will ever have to write.  I mean, how do you write about yourself when there is so much to say yet still so much to learn about yourself?!  I'll just dive right in and say that I'm a mother of two - you've probably seen them in 75% of my pictures.  That is because they are my reason for absolutely everything, including photography!  Hunter is my mini me: quiet, simple on the outside yet loud with information on the inside, inquisitive, hungry for love.  Scarlett is my spitfire.  She's that kid who you look at and say, "yep.  I'm going to see her in the movies one day." 

I'm also married to one of my favorite people on this planet - and I mean that!  My husband signed my life away when I was just 18, and by the grace of God we're still holding the fort down together.  He is my partner in crime, the yin to my yang, my greatest supporter; he's my best friend.  He's even the one who started this whole adventure - the day he proposed to me, he gave me the gift of my first professional camera (Canon 50D, in case you're curious) to throw me off. ;)

I went to Austin Peay State University to major in English and double minor in Education and, yes, PHOTOGRAPHY!  English was easy.  Photography...was nearly the death of me.  To be completely honest, I was terrible!  Naturally, I'm a literal person, so if a person guides me to do something, I will do exactly what they tell me to do in the most literal and exact form as possible.  You can' art, ha!  Thus, my 4 year old probably could have taken better pictures than me at this time.  I did drop my photography minor after the first year because I gave birth to my sweet Hunter and I wanted to give all of my attention to him.  But that didn't stop my business from starting up and growing!

In January 2011, the start of my business was born.  Since then, I've put my heart and soul into this thing, and I hope you can tell just how much I love it as well as the incredible people I've had the pleasure of photographing.

I've just loved this crazy adventure, and I'm so thankful for our God Who has led me on it. I'm ecstatic to see where it takes me years down the road!  I just have one question: are you going to join this adventure with me?