01. Do you offer digitals?

I sure do.  I believe that prints and products are incredibly important to have as final, tangible products for you to keep, but I also believe that digitals are important to keep your images backed up.  You can either purchase your digitals as one collection, or you can choose them as a discounted add-on to your prints and products.  You can also choose between web and print sized files.

02. Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely!  I understand that this experience is an investment, and I want your investment to go smoothly.  I do offer a 15% discount off of your order if paid in full the day of your ordering session, but we can set up a payment plan for your order to be paid off within 60 days.  

03. how long does this process take?

From start to finish, average time from the consultation to the time you receive your products typically takes 2-3 months.  If you want your products for special occasions or need them by a certain date, please keep this in mind.  If you ask to be put on a payment plan, allow up to two more months in this timeframe.

04. What happens if my product is damaged?

I'm happy to say that from the time I deliver your order and up to 14 days, if anything happens to your products they will be replaced at no charge to you!  I just ask for proof of the damage.

05. What if I have to reschedule my session?

I understand that life happens and try to remain flexible for my clients.  While I do not offer refunds, your session fee can be transferred to another date and time if I am notified within 48 hours of our session date.  Please keep in mind that I do have limited availability, so our session together may not be able to be rescheduled for up to 6 weeks after our original session date.

06. Do you offer mini sessions?

Yes and no.  I do not offer them regularly, but I do offer themed mini sessions 1-2 times a year.  These are designed for new clients to test the waters with me during a short session, or for regular clients wanting an extra quick session based on the mini session theme or the client's needs.  These are always scheduled for one weekend, and multiple sessions will take place during those days.