Heirloom of a

I strive to give my sessions a unique, fun, and long-lasting experience.  I'm not just taking pictures, I'm creating your family into art.  Art that not only can be enjoyed but also relived for generations.  I love turning the family you are today into a cherished heirloom of tomorrow.

Thank you will never seem like enough! Alex has a natural talent for what she does and has gone way above what I would have anticipated! She has a passion for photography and it is evident in her work! I cannot wait to see her photograph my family again! Oh and on top of it all... Her packaging is outstandingly beautiful and classy! So in love with everything!

- Shanna Dodgson



Fun fact: every single image I create for you is hand edited, much like a painting.  I spend anywhere from 8 minutes to 3 hours on any portrait because I want each image to be unique and special!  The question is: why would I dedicate so much time to each image if I'm going to give you mediocre products?  The answer is: I won't.  I want the final touch of your portraits to be just as special as the time it took to create them, so the products I offer are archival-quality, professional, durable, and beautiful.

One of the sweetest people I've met. Super professional and does whatever she has to in order to get the job done! Loved working with her.

- Lixangie Glover


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