What to expect

Are you interested in booking a session, but overwhelmed with not knowing how to book or what will happen next?  Here is a breakdown for you!


Ready to Book! 

If you are ready to book, I'd love for you to send me an e-mail at info@alexsumnerphotography.com.  We can briefly discuss the type of session you want and for when you wish to have it.  I do advise that you book at least 6 weeks in advance because I only take 4-6 sessions per month, and I want for us to have plenty of time to schedule a consultation and to hunt for any unique location, props, or clothing we may want to use.  I will send you an online invoice for your session fee, and once that is paid we will be able to set up a consultation and begin designing your session!



After you book your session, we are ready to schedule a consultation!  These always excite me because we get to meet in a casual setting, face-to-face, and get to know one another before I photograph you and your family.  We can meet for coffee, I can come to your home, or you can come to my home office - the choice is yours!  Before this meeting, you are more than welcome to browse through my past sessions and write down your favorite locations, poses, props, and even clothing.  If something inspires you for your own session, write it down!  Also write down any and all questions you may have so that we can be prepared to go over them together.  Also at our consultation, we can discuss products, prints, wall art, and custom designs such as wall groupings for your home.  If you are wanting beautiful wall art to put on display, we can actually have the consultation in your home so that we can collaborate together while presently viewing your walls and put together unique pieces for your home with a special program I use that can show you exactly what the end product will look like.

IMG_1351 copy2.jpg


It's session time!  Sessions typically take 60-90 minutes long at location we chose during our consultation and typically just before sunset - this is the time that has the most beautiful, glowing, and colorful lighting!  For my family sessions with children, this hour basically revolves around your babies.  We play, we dance, we laugh.  And if a child is uncomfortable with a pose or a play time, we change direction.  I strongly believe that you shouldn't force a child to take a picture, and I can't capture raw and honest images if the child isn't comfortable in their moment.  I like to call my style of shooting "the pose and play" - first I pose you in one position, I snap that image, and then I ask for you to play.  It's that easy!


Ordering Session

About 2-3 weeks following our session, your hand-crafted images will be completed and you will be able to come to my home office and view them.  I will show you a beautiful slideshow set to music, and then together we can sort through the photographs to find the ones you'd like to display on your walls, the ones you'd like a product of, and possibly the ones you'd like to gift to family and friends.  We can also design together a personalized album of all of your images that you will be able to cherish and pass down for years to come.  This day is all about taking your entire custom experience and finally tying the ends that will completely make it your own with beautiful, tangible products.  If you choose to have a payment plan for your products, once final payment is received I will design and order your products.  3-4 weeks later, I will be able to hand deliver these to you, wrapped and personalized with love!